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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal


Getting a tattoo is really easy but removing it is considered something impossible. But, not anymore. Tattoo removal has become equally simple and easy processes with the help of which from a small to large, every tattoo gets removed permanently from any body part. Heeralal Hospital located at Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad is one of the best clinics for tattoo removal. Since our skin specialist, Dr. Esha Sehgal encompasses all the specialization required for tattoo removal one can take her service for the best tattoo removal results.

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Tattoo removal by laser technique

The technique used for removing the tattoo from the body makes use of laser light. Since the technique is a non-invasive one the chances of side effects are minimum. Whether the tattoo has now become unwanted or you have gone bored with it, removing it has now become possible with the help of laser lights. The laser tattoo removal process utilizes concentrated laser beams which are introduced in the area of the tattoo. This laser beam gets absorbed by the melanin of the body which in turn gets fragmented into minute parts.

Once the tattoo’s melanin gets fragmented it starts getting metabolized by the lymphatic system of the body. Or else the body starts egesting out naturally. As the time goes by all the pigments of the tattoo gets eradicated and the skin starts looking fresh and normal as before.

Why choose Heeralal Hospital

Since the skin specialists present in our hospital are highly skilled and have a past experience of laser tattoo removal, they are the best if you are looking for authenticity and reliability. Utilizing the latest laser machines we strive to endow a permanent tattoo removal at the most cost-effective rate. The doctors ensure to give the desired end result just the way patient requires. Since the targeted region is introduced to the laser beams with utmost precisions the outcome received is a flawless skin free from the unwanted tattoo.

Factors considered while laser tattoo removal

Since the specialized techniques and best skin doctor work with us we have become the best tattoo removal clinic in the town. Some of the factors that are considered by us before operating are:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • Colors of the tattoo
  • Location of the tattoo

Since the procedure of laser tattoo removal involves the use of the highly specialized technique we offer some special do’s and don’ts to the patient so that the whole treatment can be endowed with the most effective results. The use of advanced Q-switched laser helps in fragmenting the tattoo’s pigments into tiny particles deep within the skin which later get eradicated by the body itself. The whole treatment requires around 3 to 4 sessions so that the skin without even the tinge of tattoo can be obtained.

Unwanted tattoo removal has now become easy and we are the best in giving you the most desired result in the least time possible. It’s time not to hide the unwanted tattoo. Come to us and get rid of it once and for all.