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Laser For Hair Therapy

Laser For Hair Therapy


Time to get the Laser light treatment in Ghaziabad for hair restoration

With the advent of laser light therapy, numerous ailments are on the verge of getting treated. The problem of hair loss is one of them. While people are generally scared of surgical techniques, no matter how safe they are the non-surgical hair restoration treatment in Ghaziabad can be fulfilled by Heeralal Hospital by making use of Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) Therapy. Zero scarring and faster recovery are the main pros of this therapy and therefore is widely accepted in the recent past.

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What is Low Level Laser Light Therapy

There are a number of hair loss treatments present in the market but people prefer those which are non-invasive. The term surgery itself is very scarring for some people and this is the reason why LLLT therapy has become the foremost priority of the patients. Low level laser light therapy is highly effective in getting a scalp full of hairs and has helped a large number of people to boost their self-confidence.

Low level laser light therapy is also known as red light therapy, cold laser, soft laser and photobiomodulation but every terminology means the same thing. The infrared laser beams are supposed to increase the blood flow. This increased blood flow, in turn, stimulates the hair follicles which lead to hair growth in whatever body part the therapy is given.

The laser beams are introduced into the patient topically. This is the reason why this therapy is least affected with scars and marks. Being non-invasive people are more inclined towards the LLLT Therapy rather other invasive ones. The authenticity of the therapy can be known with the fact that it is FDA approved since 2007. Highly safe and equally advantageous, LLLT therapy is something which can be trusted for the results.

Procedure for LLLT

Heeralal Hospital can be trusted for laser light therapy for hair loss treatment in as it has some of the best surgeons to operate it. The doctors are specialized and have required expertise in the field. Since laser light therapies could be dreadful if not performed with excellence, therefore, Heeralal Hospital could be your one-stop destination.

Laser light with the specific wavelength of 630 to 670 nanometers is generally used for hair restoration. The scalp is exposed to the laser beams of this specific wavelength and the light is allowed to absorb by the scalp. As soon the light reaches the dead hair follicular units they get stimulated and the blood flow gets enhanced. All this leads to triggering the stimulation of hair growth.

How long is the procedure

Low level laser light therapy takes more time as compared to other services. While other hair restoration processes get completed in 1 or 2 settings, LLLT needs more seating and more patience. If you can persist for long sittings to achieve the final result without having an invasive treatment, LLLT is for you. It takes around half an hour to complete one sitting when the scalp is exposed to the laser beams. Our surgeons perform the LLLT three times in a week and later call the patient on a regular basis to check the growth and to give more seating.

It would take around 6 months to see a whole transformation in the scalp. So you need to be patient with the result.

If you are seeing potential benefits in LLLT therapy and looking for Laser light treatment in Ghaziabad, come to Heeralal Hospital and get a younger look.