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Artificial Hair Fibers

Artificial Hair Fibers


A dense scalp with artificial hair fibers

Who doesn’t want to look good? While having wonderful facial features is one thing, owning lu strous and gleaming hairs is another. People crave for shining voluptuous hairs. But having them is not possible for everyone. There are many factors which decide the texture and thickness of hairs in the human body. While genetics play a major role, one can’t rule out the occurrence of medical issues which leads to baldness or hair thinning.

If you are afraid of many surgical techniques available in today’s date for eradicating the problem of hair loss, Heeralal Hospital, situated at Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad could help you getting artificial hair fibers. Let us know what the artificial hair fiber for getting a fuller scalp is all about.

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What are artificial hair fibers:

Heeralal Hospital, Ghaziabad is not only well versed in endowing the invasive and non-invasive surgeries for hair transplantation but also transplant artificial hair fibers on the scalp. These artificial hair fibers are made up of highly purified nylon material. They are manufactured in such a way that it becomes hard to distinguish between natural and artificial ones. Although Heeralal Hospital prefer making use of patient’s own hairs from some other body part for transplantation in case of few hairs artificial ones are used.

Why artificial hair transplantation:

For more aesthetic and natural looking scalp our doctors make use of biocompatible artificial hair fibers. Since biocompatible ones can be textured and shaped as per the need of the patients, they seem more feasible and worth to splurge upon. For a more realistic appearance, the biocompatible artificial hair fibers are the best options.

Few beforehand measures:

Before going for any hair transplantation technique it becomes a must to get all the information about it. Since this procedure makes use of artificial hairs, the need of performing patch test becomes highly important. It is done to rule out any possibility of allergy or infection in the scalp due to artificial hair strands. Our surgeons at HLH generally take 25 strands and implant them on the scalp of the patient.

This fixing then has to be examined by the patient itself for any sort of allergy or itching on the scalp. The patient is needed to analyze the scalp for about a week and had to confirm the surgeon that there is no such discomfort. As the patient confirms the patch test positive, our surgeons proceed to work further.

Procedure for artificial hair transplantation:

Implanting artificial hair fibers require accuracy and precision. First of all the surgeons will numb the scalp with local anesthesia. Then with the help of special implanters, they will hook the fibers on the scalp with utmost care. Every strand is hooked keeping in mind the angulations and directions so the hairs. This process is repeated until a fuller scalp is obtained.

It takes around 2-3 hours to perform one session where around 1000 strands are fixed on the scalp. If the patient requires more strands the next session happens after the gap of 7 days. Heeralal Hospital, Ghaziabad provides special aftercare advice to the patients for artificial hair transplantation and gives special ointment and course of antibiotics to avoid all sorts of infections. Artificial hair fibers could be your ultimate solution if surgery is not your cup of tea. Book an appointment with us and get the younger look all over again.