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Your ultimate destination for all the problems related to hair and skin. HLH Dermatologica located at Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad could be the one-stop solution to get rid of all the quandaries you have encountered till date related to your hairs and skin. The highly skilled doctors and surgeons are there to endow the best advice and treatment to the patients.

Whether it’s the problem of hair thinning or baldness, acne or scars, you name it and we have the solution for it. With our team of well-versed doctors and surgeons, we make use of advanced medical technologies to help our patients. Our doctors are perfect from surgical to nonsurgical methodologies and thus bestow the best result to every patient who comes to HLH Dermatologica, Ghaziabad.

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OUR Mission

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We aim to provide the perfect treatment to our patients and work until he gets satisfied. The satisfaction of our patients is what our main motto is and we work really hard to achieve it. We are committed to give the best treatment and solve every hair and skin related issues with utmost precision so that the trust and belief of our patients remain alive.

OUR Vision

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HLH Dermatologica Ghaziabad was made with the vision to combat every problem of its patients related with hair and skin. With great vision comes great responsibility and we work with full dedication to fulfilling every liability we set for our patients. We work hard to achieve our milestones and curb the dermatological issues of our patients. We care about you and your well-being and with this, we confer the best treatment.


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Bequeath the best dermatological treatment

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Hair Transplantation

Let baldness and hair loss become the thing of past with our advanced hair transplant techniques. Get the best treatment with the best doctors in the country.

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Laser Hair Reduction

If surgical techniques scare you welcome to Heeralal Hospital and get cured with the laser light therapy by the experts in the field.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ghaziabad

Skin Care

We provide the best skin care advice and treatment to the patients and work until their satisfaction.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair Care

From different hair texture to different hair types, we work on every patient individually to provide the best hair care solutions.

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Anti Ageing

From wrinkles to fine lines, we have the perfect solution for every problem encountered while ageing.