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BIO Stimulated FUE

BIO Stimulated FUE


Bio-stimulated FUE in Heeralal Hospital, Ghaziabad

Bio-stimulated FUE technique is one of the best to get a scalp full of hairs. Being a new and highly effective technique to get a fuller scalp and younger look it has got a wide acceptance among the patients. This is the reason why we at Heeralal Hospital situated at Ghaziabad are performing the procedure with utmost accuracy for our patients. Among numerous techniques present in today’s date for hair transplantation one a few have been able to make a permanent place in the heart of patients and bio-stimulated FUE is one of them. Let us take a deep insight into bio-stimulated FUE and its functionality.

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What is bio-stimulated FUE:

Bio-stimulated technology for hair transplantation can be called as an advanced form of (Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This method makes use of not only FEU technique but also platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP). Since PRP helps in activating the hair follicles, the procedure helps in catalyzing the hair re-growth on the scalp. The transplanted follicles get enveloped with growth factors which ultimately lead to better hair growth. These growth factors work directly on the roots of the hairs which stimulates the stem cells present in the follicular root sheath.

Procedure for Bio-stimulated FUE:

Our surgeons at Heeralal Hospital, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad first of all extract the hair follicles from the patient. A special solution is then prepared which contains patient’s own growth factors and other chemicals. The hair extractions are preserved in this solution for some time before implantation. This concentrated solution of growth factors is then injected into the entire affected area. This procedure helps in fetching the results much earlier when compared to other hair transplantation technique.

Advantages of Bio-stimulated FUE:

  • Working right at the root of the problem Bio-stimulated FUE endows the result fast.
  • It works on the proper functioning of germinative cells the technique is reliable for getting a fuller scalp in few months.
  • It improves the texture of the hairs.
  • There are minimum scarring and maximum positive results.

Why HLH is best for getting Bio-stimulated FUE:

Bio-stimulated FUE technique at Heeralal Hospital has helped a large number of people to regain their lost confidence due to fewer hairs on the scalp. People are looking forward to Heeralal Hospital for getting various hair transplantation techniques out of which bi-stimulated FUE is the foremost one. Heeralal Hospital, Ghaziabad has some of the best surgeons of the country which makes this hospital a unique one. Since this technique is advanced and requires precision, only specialized doctors who have a good prior experience can perform it.

Few reasons why Bio-stimulated FUE in Ghaziabad must be performed only at Heeralal Hospital:

  • Our doctors counsel the patients and give them a detailed know-how about the procedure. We make them feel them secure and provide a friendly environment in the hospital.
  • IEvery step is performed under specialized and sterilized lab conditions. This leads to nil chances of infection to the patient during or after the surgery.
  • Samples are stored with utmost precaution so that its properties retain for a longer period of time.

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