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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant


Time to get FUE for Hair Restoration

Have you ever experienced your hairs falling while bathing and combing? This could be the starting of hair thinning which ultimately leads to baldness after a few months. Baldness and hair thinning are something most undesirable and equally heartbreaking. Whether you are a men or women, working or not working; having a scalp without hairs is something worst to experience. With the losing hairs, the confidence also starts losing and the person feels shy and embarrassed to go out.

For such people, there are numerous technologies present in today’s date which are not only reliable but authentic to get the desired outcome as well. While every day due to medical interventions a new technology or therapy came out, the Follicular Unit Extraction Technology (FUE) is the oldest and most genuine one. Let us know in detail about FUE and how it is performed.

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Follicular Unit Extraction:

As per the name suggests Follicular Unit Extraction technology make use of follicular units from the donor’s body. The donor needs to be resistant from baldness and related issues so that the desired result can be obtained. These extracted units are then grafted at the affected areas of hair thinning or baldness in the recipient’s body. A great precision and accuracy are required to get the final outcome. With the help of FUE at Heeralal Hospital located at Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad numerous patients have regained their lost confidence as they get the desired hairs on the body. Whether it is about scalp or any other body part the end result has always been the best.

Procedure for Follicular Unit Extraction technology:

The whole process takes place under sterilized and extremely hygienic conditions so that the chances of any infection may rule out in the long run. It takes around 3 to 4 hours for the whole FUE procedure to get completed. The steps followed are as:

  • The doctors numb the scalp with the help of local anesthesia. The hairs from the portion of extraction are cut short so that extraction of follicles can be performed properly.
  • The back and posterior parts of the scalp are generally used for follicular extraction. Angulations and directions of the hair follicles are given extra heed.
  • Knowing the proper angulations and directions to place the grafts our surgeons put the follicles step by step so that proper accuracy is maintained to get the final outcome.
  • Once the follicular units are separated, the grafts are extracted using forceps and other operation tools which are then placed in the recipient’s site by the surgeon.

Efficacy of FUE technique:

Heeralal Hospital situated at Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad has performed FUE with many patients and with every surgery the results obtained have made the patient happy and satisfied. The self-esteem and confidence of the patients got elevated as they get the scalp full of hairs. This also gives them a younger look. Within 5 to 6 months of surgery, the scalp achieves a good hair growth.

Potential advantages of FUE:

  • There is minimum scarring which is virtually not visible.
  • It is a painless procedure as local anesthesia makes the scalp numb.
  • FUE endows quick healing.
  • No risk involved.
  • FUE hair transplant cost is reasonable.