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Our Commitment and Dedication to Work until Patient Get the Desired Result

best anti-aging treatment in India

Qualified Doctors & Staff

Our doctors and surgeons are well qualified and have a wide knowledge in the field. They are skilled and comprise a good prior experience in hair transplantation and hair restoration.


Modern Equipment

With the friendly and affable staff we endow a great environment for our patients. We are devoted to provide a warm and hospitable environment to every patient.

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Effective Results

Our doctors have got qualification from some of the best institutes of the country and this is the reason why we are THE BEST.

Our Services

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Skin Care

Skin Care

Hair Care

Hair Care

anti Ageing

Anti Ageing


best hair fall treatment in Ghaziabad

We believe that our work speaks more than our actions and this is the reason why Heera Lal Hospital, Ghaziabad have a long list of contented and satisfied patients. Being fully fledged with some of the paramount dermatologists and surgeons of the country we endow the best service to our every patient for hair transplantation. From traditional to innovative, our doctors and surgeons are skilled to provide the best for every patient that comes to us.

Situated at Gaziabad/NCR, we at HLH has the best skin specialists & hair transplant surgeons and this makes us an excellent dermatological and hair transplantation hospital in the city. We care about our patients and don’t leave any stone unturned to give them the most suitable treatment. We listen to the quandaries of patients and try to work with full devotion to get them the desired look.

No matter what age you are of and what your gender is, we at HLH are there to help every person who is suffering from hair loss and skin problems. Our facilities and amenities will provide friendly ambiance to the patient so that he or she can feel comfortable and relaxed in hospital’s environment. Our doctors, surgeons, and staff not just provide the best treatment for hair transplantation but also give the best pieces of advice to every patient come to us.

With full dedication and commitment, we at HLH Ghaziabad try to implement the finest treatment so that our patients can regain their lost confidence. For having the one of its kind of services and the most excellent in the country, come to Heera Lal Hospital, Ghaziabad without giving it a second thought. We would work together until you get complete satisfaction.

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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

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